“Closer As Time Goes By” is an EP that grows over time from Oct-Dec 2017, where we will release a single every so often that will at to the EP.

Available as a download from email, or stream on YouTube and Soundcloud

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The Brothers Caged is an Indie Rock duo that writes music based on what they would want to listen to and lyrics based on their memories.

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Guitarist/Songwriter, Jack Cage and Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Kaleb Cage met when they were only 3, but the band officially formed in September of 2016 after years of writing songs and developing their sound. The two began recording original songs for demos in Jack’s home studio in Kentucky, and mixing/editing in Kaleb’s home studio in Tennessee. The lyrics are made up of memories and inside jokes as Jack and Kaleb grew up in which they thought would be entertaining songs with an Indie Rock sound.

The Brothers Caged have always been heavily influenced by Classic Rock bands, but later on they have picked up a more Indie Rock style. “We constantly strive to make music that doesn’t rely on typical Rock n’ Roll clichés or trends in music,” says Jack, “I think our ultimate goal above all is to make sincere and unique music” The band wants to emphasize on dynamics and contrast, with songs having light parts like the Beatles and heavy parts like Black Sabbath combined with using other-worldly sounds like Radiohead does. “I’d describe our sound as a form of Rock music that has no boundaries.” says Jack, commenting on the aspects of the band wanting to be experimental too.

As The Brothers Caged are a fresh band their debut EP, Nania, is available as a free download through email, as well as their new “Growing EP”, Closer As Time Goes By, which takes a different musical approach, and instead of it just being one EP release, the songs release separately over time from Oct-Dec 2017. The EPs show who they are as musicians and songwriters and it will show what is to come in their album they will release May 2018. They’re looking at touring in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee sometime late Late Summer/early Fall 2018 to build some local buzz, but if popularity rises in other states then they will be added to the list of places to tour.

When it comes down to it, The Brothers Caged just wants to have fun. “I have always loved when artists put their life experiences and personalities into their music,” says Kaleb. Memories and life experiences is what the duo love to talk about. “What might make us stand out is that deep down, we’re still the same guys we were when we were kids,” says Jack, “Just out there having fun doing what we do and hoping others will catch on and have fun with us.”

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