New EP – Closer As Time Goes By

The EP that grows as time goes along. We're back with more material since our last release back in May. This time though we're not just giving away the EP all at once, but instead a single or two gets released every month from Oct-Dec 2017. So far there are 3 singles out and available [...]


Debut EP: Nania/Catch up

H-Hey! Has it been awhile or what? If you could, listen while you read. We have not posted a blog on here in months, but that doesn't mean we are done, just super busy with writing music, recording, mixing, planning, updating socials, doing the art work, and a lot going of in our personal lives [...]

Summer’s Gone: Our Debut Single Is Releasing This Friday!

 Sign up here to get our debut single, Summer's Gone, for FREE starting Friday! We are releasing our debut single, "Summer's Gone," this Friday (11/25/16) since Summer is officially over, (don't know about you, but Fall was totally skipped this year for us Kentucky and Tennessee folk) and Winter has started! Summer's Gone is an [...]

Digital Strategies: Connecting With Fans Today

One of the big things that music does is to allow connection from artist to fan, but in the current world there is so much technology opening new ways for artists to connect to fans on an even more personal level that was never even thought possible before.           With social [...]

Cage’s Not-So-Fairy Tales: The Legend of the Forest

H-hey everyone! It is time for a Not-So-Fairy Tale giving you an insight to our weirdness and upbringing. Today’s story is about exploration of unknown lands... and getting chased by a man with a heavy country accent.           As kids it was always fun for the Cage Bros to find secret [...]