New EP – Closer As Time Goes By

The EP that grows as time goes along.

We’re back with more material since our last release back in May. This time though we’re not just giving away the EP all at once, but instead a single or two gets released every month from Oct-Dec 2017. So far there are 3 singles out and available to download through email or to stream online with YouTube or Soundcloud and soon they will be available on Spotify.

This EP (GP – Growing Play?) takes a different approach to our style than the previous EP. We tried tapping more into our influences from the 90’s like Radiohead & Modest Mouse, and some writing elements from Damon Albarn. As Nania was a bit more pop indie rock, this one is bit darker and less pop. We are still trying to find our sound and making singles as we go is a great way to experiment and find ourselves as musicians, as well as getting used to writing and recording being two states away from each-other.

Sign up below to receive both

Nania and Closer As Time Goes By


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