Debut EP: Nania/Catch up

H-Hey! Has it been awhile or what? If you could, listen while you read.

We have not posted a blog on here in months, but that doesn’t mean we are done, just super busy with writing music, recording, mixing, planning, updating socials, doing the art work, and a lot going of in our personal lives (Kaleb is getting married woo!). So for a little catch up, here is what we’ve been doing since our last blog post.

We released our debut EP on April 21st!

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Our debut EP, Nania, contains 5 songs including the singles: Summer’s Gone, and If You Want Me To. The other 3 songs are new ones that were worked on since February, and it is all recorded, mixed, and mastered by us.  We plan on releasing an album sometime later this year that tackles the themes of change and moving on. A few of the songs will be on the EP especially Summer’s Gone since it fits very well into the theme we are making the album about. The EP is free for download, or to stream.

We will be updating the blog a lot more often, so thanks for reading!

– The Brothers Caged


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