Three Baby Steps to Start You Off

(Just wana say that you’re awesome if you get the movie reference in the blog title)

So last week we released our debut single and it was a great experience.

No we did not get 1,000,000,000 downloads through email over night, not even 20, not even a record deal, which we did not even expect, but hey at least we finally got to release our first finished song together, and it’s all about having fun while making them baby steps.

We were not and still are not expecting to make gabrillions at the start, but we would like to eventually uncomfortably, comfortably live by doing what we love, and it all requires baby steps. Sure it would be nice to make gabrilloins right away but honestly I know that money would change me if I got it too quickly. Taking baby steps allows for some buffer time in life so we can adjust to changes. Personally I enjoy Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace courses because they are intended to help people get their life straight, not by doing everything at once, but going through baby steps which could be applied to a music career too. Sure there are plenty of bands that have been successful overnight due to extreme luck  and opportunities, but this is for the unlucky crowd who wants to at least make a living doing their own thing, and wouldn’t mind “making it big” but it’s not their main priority.

Baby Step #1:

Label yourself what you want to be.

Baby Step #2:

Plan your goals and when you want to achieve them.

Baby Step #3:

Start, and stick with it.

…sorry if you were expecting me to make a whole list of baby steps on how to make a living in music, and I would… if I were making a living in music. We are currently a DIY band on the path ourselves, and we are just figuring it out as we go along, but we do know that there are no set rules to follow to make a living because it is different for everyone. The thing is, after you start, it’s really up to you where to go, it takes a lot of trial and error on the real path, but the 3 baby steps I mentioned are just to get you off on the right foot. A lot of people fail from the start because they just do not plan… or start.

Seriously, just do it, whatever it is you want to be or do, send an application and resume to yourself, do the whole interview and hiring process for yourself and label yourself what it is you want to be, and then plan and MAKE time to do what it is you want, and finally just start it. We decided to start our music because we are at a point in our lives where we don’t have much to lose (yay life at 22!), but maybe you do have something to lose so do take that into consideration, but still MAKE a way to do what you want to do in life.

 Go ahead and find successful bands and artists and ask them how they got in. I did that a lot and honestly most of them forgot or gave me the same answers “work hard and know the right people,” I mean yeah that’s good advice, but like the other guys told me that, and some told me that it “just happened” because they said “why not?” (sounds like my kind of people).

This is why we are making a blog like this, it’s for starting artists by starting artists and this way we can grow together and have some documentation for future artists and make it easier for them.

Thanks for reading everyone!

–  Kaleb Cage

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