Digital Strategies: Connecting With Fans Today

One of the big things that music does is to allow connection from artist to fan, but in the current world there is so much technology opening new ways for artists to connect to fans on an even more personal level that was never even thought possible before.

          With social media being a big thing, artists new and old (before the internet) need to utilize these social media sites to their full potential. Artists should either learn how to use these sites or hire someone to do it for them (if they are too busy or just don’t want to) so they may stay current and find out who their audience is. Currently artists need to gather information about their fans’ demographics so they can  spend their effort, time and money to reach the right people. When artists get to know their fans then they can start working on a relationship with them faster than before by using social media. Everyday there seems to be some sort of update allowing for more connections to fans.

          Artists on Facebook are now able to broadcast live backstage or onstage taking the fans with them. Facebook Live can allow fans who are not able to make it to a show see the show live wherever they are. An artist can do a quick Q&A backstage before they go on the stage because fans can comment on the live feed the artist doing and the artist can read the comments, probably not every single comment if there are a lot of fans commenting, but at least it would show that the artist is investing in their fans. One thing that made music so amazing was how the artist connected with the fans, and connecting with the fans is what makes an artist successful, and currently it is so easy to do so now with social media like Facebook. It also seems like Facebook is now wanting to integrate some sort of VR hangout which would open the possibility for more connections with fans check it out at Road To VR’s article.


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The future may look dim for artists or people in the music business and I may not know all of their reasons, but I am sure that one of the main reasons is that they do not want to adapt to the new technologies or models because they liked it the old way. It is fine if they don’t want to adapt, but they should know they will be left behind.

Try every social media and find out which ones your fans use most so you know the sites that you need to spend you effort, time, and money on.

I encourage everyone to try out these social medias and new technologies not just to stay ahead of others, but to connect and engage more with their fans.


–  Kaleb Cage


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