Cage’s Not-So-Fairy Tales: The Legend of the Forest

H-hey everyone!

It is time for a Not-So-Fairy Tale giving you an insight to our weirdness and upbringing.

Today’s story is about exploration of unknown lands… and getting chased by a man with a heavy country accent.

          As kids it was always fun for the Cage Bros to find secret (sometimes label as restricted) areas in neighborhoods as they walked around them and talked. One time the Cage Bros were walking around Jack’s grandmother’s (Nana) neighborhood and found a drain pipe in a hill that led to a whole new neighborhood. The hill had a fence and a small yet thick forest so the Cage Bros went into the drain pipe and found a neighborhood that was still under construction (basically it was all still wood). The Cage Bros often went into the empty unfinished houses to explore, but didn’t really find anything besides a bathtub in an upstairs room filled with sewage. As Narnia was popular at the time with “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” being released in theaters they decided to name the new place “Nania” since was also in Jack’s Nana’s neighborhood, so it was fitting.

Another place the Cage Bros visited was a water treatment facility with a big forest surrounding it. That was a fun place where they walked to the edge where the lake was and had an awesome plan to bring an inflatable raft to travel across the lake to a DuPont factory to explore, of course though, that plan never went anywhere and good thing it didn’t because they were some pretty dumb kids and probably would’ve been stranded in the middle of the lake and on the news, embarrassing their parents… As they walked away they stumbled on a nest and was chased away by an angry hissing goose, so basically they only embarrassed themselves, as usual. The water treatment plant was fun on the outside, but they were never able to go inside the small buildings because every door was locked. They visited that “hidden” place (not really hidden since it was a place where people worked) once a year for 3 years… until they met one very angry country man.

The Cage Bros’ final trip to the facility was their most daring one yet, and they really tested the boundaries of the place. Before the Cage Bros were fine with just exploring the forest and a small building down by the lake, but they wanted to look around the main building, and hopefully even go inside. The Cage Bros got so close the building, and walked all around it to make sure there was no one around while their hearts pounded in fear of being caught in a place they should not be in, but hey this was the best excitement they were going to get. There was a mechanical sound coming from a door and as they approached they door they saw it was cracked a little which they saw as a way in and slowly, nervously, they headed towards the door as the sound got louder, and as they reached the door…

They got scared so they turned around and headed down a hill to a pool filled with black water bubbling. After feeling relief, they let their guard down again and begin to talk in their normal voices, but was a mistake. On the top of the hill right next to the building they were at there was a man on the phone, and the Cage Bros laid down fast hiding behind a smaller hill hoping he did not see them. Jack figured he was on the phone with the police, and his reaction was stand up and run out of the area into the forest for cover. Kaleb tried to pull Jack back down into cover, but it was too late. As soon as Jack stood up, the man turned around and saw the trespassers.

For a brief moment, there was a pause between all three of us until the silence was broken with the man yelling, “HEY YHOU KIEEDS!” as he began a full sprint towards us. Jack made a run towards the forest and Kaleb was close behind trying to make speed in the flip-flops he regret choosing to wear that day. Kaleb soon passed Jack and his fear out-ran him leaving Jack in the dust (second time this has happened). The man ran as fast as he could but was stopped by the chain-link fence that had barb-wire on top which was designed to keep people out (not us) but it made it difficult when you need to catch two kids who were trespassing. As we ran passed him on the other side of the fence he kept yelling at us , “COME BACK-ERE YA DARN KIEEDS!” (yeah, does that ever work when people say that?).

Kaleb kept running as fast as he could through a forest in his flip-flops somehow not tripping, and finally it dawned on Kaleb that Jack was nowhere in sight. Kaleb looked all around him as he stood in the forest, listening for any sounds of running, but fearful that those sounds would belong to the country man, and for the first time he felt like a deer being hunted, and felt bad for hunting a deer years prior, but remembered that the taste of cooked deer and didn’t feel bad anymore, but then felt bad again because he remembered that he still hasn’t seen Jack and his mind was wandering to other things (it happens a lot). The forest was once a place where the Cage Bros had fun, but now it was a place of fear, not only of the country man who was after them but also a police car siren which he heard in the distance. Kaleb ran towards the end of the forest and into the neighborhood hoping Jack was there waiting, unlike how Kaleb did. As the forest was behind Kaleb, he looked around and saw no Jack, and felt even more fearful, but then his heart began to pound even harder as he heard footsteps in the forest behind him…

Out came Jack who looked scared but both Bros were laughing at what just happened, and began to run back to safety, but took the long way around using the many hidden trails in the neighborhood. The police car was now their main concern because they were afraid that the country man really called the police on them, but they just could not tell if it was getting closer or if their minds were playing tricks on them. Cautiously they avoided the roads and kept to the trails that went in between houses,they felt as though they were the most wanted criminals in all of history for snooping around a water treatment facility. They made it back to Nana’s house and did not leave again for fear of being hunted, and the fact they were just so busy playing vid-ya games. 3 years later they wanted to go back to the water treatment plant out of curiosity, but access was denied since there was another chain-link fence all around the forest which Kaleb would’ve climbed but Jack, no so much.

There was now mystery surrounding the place they would never be able to return to. They knew though that he would be waiting, watching, living in the forest for them. The country man thirst for the Cage Bros’ blood, and they heard rustling coming from behind the fence, and felt as though they were being watched.

The Cage Bros walked away one last time from the area, and heard a man shrieking behind them…



Actual current photo of the area, where that building is, was where the large forest used to be, and legend has it the country man still lives in the remaining forest because why else would they put a fence around the forest.

Thank you for enjoying another Not-So-Fairy Tale!

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– The Brothers Caged


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