Meetings In November

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So after not seeing each other since the beginning of September, we finally got to meet this past weekend to work on our music.

(Hopefully Fall will come soon so we can release “Summer’s Gone”)

          I went up to Jack’s house in Kentucky, and we worked in that old horse barn in his back yard, which is pretty nice being almost away from everything (I am sure neighbors could faintly hear us. We mainly worked on putting final production touches on Summer’s Gone and started working on another song. Throughout the recording we took many behind the scenes videos and photos so you can see The Brothers Caged in their natural habitat… which you might not want to. If you stayed a whole day with us recording you’d see me yelling and beating Jack whenever he does not get his parts right. Well I don’t beat him, but I do threaten him that we won’t eat even though I was the one who was actually hungry (I guess I just really punished myself).

         When we took breaks from writing and recording we would walk around the property or eat (if Jack was good enough). In our down time we typically just goof off or watch something. This visit we spent a lot of time watching “Who Line Is It Anyway?” so expect some influence from that in one (or more) of our songs. We like to write lyrics about what we’ve experienced in a trip when writing music for a song, so yes typically it is music first, lyrics second for us. So hopefully you will get to know us through our music, and our word while cooped up in a horse barn (don’t expect to hear any horses on our music, just mice and dogs).


We plan to meet again soon to finish up another song and work on more so we can get a CD released here in the next few months. So far we are just taking baby steps, super tiny, baby steps towards our goals just to make sure everything is right from the beginning and not just deferring responsibility for when it gets to be such a big mess to handle.

Thanks for reading and staying updated with us!

Summer’s Gone is in the stage of asking people what they think of it before we release it. So if you want a demo copy of the demo copy just fill out the form below with your name (so we know who you are), your email (so we can send you the song), and your ZIP code (so we know where to book our shows). Your info will be for only us to see.

–  The Brothers Caged


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