Saying “Why Not” and Sticking Through: CMA Portrait Story

Well this past month has been very busy for us, and we are able to get together soon to get to working. I have a little story (hopefully inspirational) for you.

So as you may know, last night was the CMA Awards’s 50th anniversary, celebrating country artists of the past, present and future. I bring this up not just because I enjoy me some country (I believe Jack does as well), but it’s for a story about starting something and sticking with it. Personally sticking with something to the end is the one thing I have a hard time doing, but with dedication I pulled through and made a small, yet pretty great, victory of a personal goal.

          Currently I am on my last semester on my Music Business degree at MTSU. One of my favorite classes perhaps of all time is my Digital Marketing class. It has taught me so much about different social medias that I have been using for years, and new ones I have never heard before. Digital Marketing also taught me how to follow trends, when to post, awesome strategies and tactics, and how to do things in a proper, timely manner. The projects and assignments usually revolve around setting up our own actual profiles and sites (just like our Facebook, and WordPress), and there are also assignments where we have to create ideas.

          One assignment was coming up for content marketing ideas for upcoming (at the time) events. The CMA Awards’s 50th anniversary was on the assignment, and I came up with the idea that an artist could do one art portrait a day starting 50 days before the CMA Awards, which would be 50 portraits in total. After submitting the assignment I thought about it more and more after a couple of days of it lingering in my mind. The assignment was done once I thought of an idea and put it into a paper and turned it in, but I figured I could actually do my idea because I thought to myself two magic words, “Why not?” I am glad I asked myself that question because I did it and it feels good to have gone through with something and see it to the end.

           The first few days were pretty rocky trying to find some sort of schedule and what Country artist to do. The portraits were made like how our portraits are on this site, where they have little to no facial features like hair, eyebrows, beards, laugh lines, wrinkles, notable use of glasses, sunglasses, hats, scarves, and even lipstick. Creating the artwork and posting got easier after a few weeks, and I made sure to follow what hashtags the official CMA Awards were using. For awhile the artwork had a nice constant flow of people liking, sharing, and commenting and every engagement it got was just another victory. Even got an unexpected shout out from the CMA’s very own Instagram.

Willie Nelson 1 CMA50.png

          When I was helping my step dad set up our annual pumpkin carving event. The portraits were getting some like notifications for Instagram, and when I had a little break I was able to really check them out and look at some of the insights on views, but I got really excited when I saw the shout out. I was smiling really big when I saw the slide show they posted with the portraits and  my profile being mentioned in the caption. It was getting views rapidly, which now it is almost to 8,000. It was a nice little personal victory, and it brought more views to my other portraits, and I still thank them for doing that!


          I just want you all to know that if you have an idea you think is worth putting effort into, don’t be a afraid to go through with it. Develop a “Why Not” attitude towards what you love, and it’ll take you places, but if you are not careful it could take you to bad places. Typically I don’t watch the CMA Awards but this year I did, and I enjoyed it, and it also made me realize that most of these artists, new and legends, at one point had a “Why Not” attitude towards making Country music and saw it through to the end, and I encourage you to do the same. It may take a long time, it may take a short time, but see it through to the end (unless it is an obvious sinking ship), and some good or great victories might come out of it for you.

Soon we plan on making merch with art styles like this for you to enjoy! Also check out my personal Instagram if you want to see more of those portraits

Thanks to everyone for reading! Be sure to check out our other blogs for more advice, and fun stories. You can also sign up for our mailing list below to stay updated with our content including blogs, and even our single to be released soon!

–  Kaleb Cage


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