Cage Bros History: Halloweens

Well it’s a day after Halloween, and it’s time for Christmas 2017 (Not a typo, because I am sure that people are already prepping for it). Here is a little story to keep you in the spirit of Halloween just a day longer.

          As kids Jack and I would see each other everyday at preschool, and sometimes outside of preschool at sleepovers, but there was typically a guaranteed night that we would see each other every year for, and that was Halloween. Even the years after preschool when we were still kids but did not see each other much, Halloween and birthdays were our favorite days because they were really the only days that we saw each other, until one year I realized Jack’s house was down the church I was going to at the time, and never knew it… I believe for our first few Halloweens we either went as Batman and Batman, or Batman and Robin, and even one year when my dad came along I went as Batman and they both went as Robins (double side kick action!). After awhile though I went as Batman for a few more years and Jack was a little bit innovative and dressed up as other things like the Wolf Man, so it got a little… mismatched, I guess because I was stuck in the good ol Batman days.


          This year for Halloween Jack probably just stayed inside and watched one of them old black and white films (he always loved those ever since he was a kid), I dressed up as Earl from the show My Name is Earl, which is basically how I go everyday but now my bottom beard is missing.


As an adult, now I just let my niece and nephew do all of the leg work while I just pick from their piles as a 10% payment fee for walking with them.

Also I remember every year my grandmother would tell me about why I shouldn’t trick-or-treat because people would put drugs in my bucket or razors in apples, for one I never ate anything but candy that night so I was safe from killer fruit, and I don’t remember any drugs in my candy, in fact some years I really don’t remember eating much candy because I’d black out after the first one (which always tasted funny).

This was one of short stories about a little history of us on such a fun time of the year. Comment what you did this year, we would love to hear (Rhymes).


–  The Brothers Caged


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