Cage’s Not-So-Fairy-Tales: The “Flying Ant”

We all have those moments when we look back on our younger selves and say,

“Wow… I was dumb then…”

(This sentence basically sums up our lives)

Today’s story is how we, our not-so-bright selves, discovered a “flying ant” back in our preschool heydays, and yes we still do have some memories of those times (although they have been fading).

          The Cage Bros were very cool back in the day (1998) at the age of 4. Jack had the best Batman toys and clothes, while Kaleb, although loving Batman, typically found Jurassic Park to be more stylish, but both found it easy to get “girlfriends.” There was another friend at the time that made a trio, Joey, not a Cage Bro, but an honorable guest since he stayed behind as a memory. The trio would always be hanging around each other, talking about the latest gossip around the playground. In fact one day on the playground something caught their eye.

          There was some sort of ant buzzing around, it was red, and big. The trio came to the conclusion that it was a “flying ant” because it looked exactly like a big ant with wings. Joey thought it would be a great idea to try to catch it (actually nobody knows whose idea it was, Joey is just used to push the story forward). The trio tried their hardest to catch this ant that kept flying all around them, and it became faster and more aggressive every time their hands got close. Finally, Jack caught it!


          For a second, Jack held it in both hands and was proud as if he had a prize to take home and show his mom. Jack looked at Joey and Kaleb with a big smile, but then that smile turned into a frown. Jack then looked back down at his hands and let out a big yell while still holding onto the “flying ant.” His hands were closed tight, and shaking as he was doing some sort of dance with his legs. After looking at what that “flying ant” did to his hands, the boys knew never to touch one of those things again, besides when killing one.

Thanks for tuning into another one of our Not-So-Fairy Tales! Check out the first one here!

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–  The Brothers Caged


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