5 Rules To Follow For DIY Artists

As a DIY artist I know it can be overwhelming, and I know I don’t have all of the answers, but I do learn from a lot by what other successful people have to say.

This is a list of 5 “Rules” I believe DIY artists should follow, and these are something Jack and I will practice in our journey of being a DIY band. If you like them, try them out for yourselves!

1. Make Deadlines

Deadlines are a priority for every project because they ensure that you focus, produce more, and actually finish your project. I know I have always had trouble with deadlines, but thanks to Graham at The Recording Revolution, I know the tips and importance of deadlines through his many blogs on deadlines. As Graham from The Recording Revolution states in this blog, if you don’t set deadlines, it’s like running a race without a finish line. When will it stop? You just keep going and going, and eventually you will probably just get tired of whatever project you’re working on because you do not see an end to it.

2. Never Stop Creating

I am definitely someone who has a fear of what others think, and that’s why I have trouble writing blogs, music, art, or anything. The thing is, I know that from time to time my stuff will suck, especially at the beginning. I know I will write blogs that aren’t that good, or songs that are just terrible, but I know that the only thing I can do to be better is to continue creating. As long as you keep creating you will push out the crappy stuff and you can just set them to the side unreleased, and learn from your mistakes in the songs. I have tons of songs that I have written that I never want to release, but I just kept writing until a good song came along which will be released. Although you should never stop creating…

3. Take Breaks

I made another blog about how important breaks are to get out of creative drought so I won’t go into too much detail. Never ending creativity can be draining too and discouraging if you feel like you don’t do any good. When you feel as though you are getting into a rut then it is time to take a break and let your creative side recharge to be fresh. You want to use your time wisely, and if you just push yourself too far, you might be wasting more time than if you just took a simple break.

4. Be Humbly Confident

What you should do, no matter what level of success you are in, is be humble. Always strive to learn what you do not know from the masters of the subject you want to learn. Even if it is a subject you know much about, it is still great for you to learn new things, and you can always learn new things if you humble yourself by saying “I want to learn” instead of “I already know.” Be sure to be confident as well, and if you do fail, humble yourself to learn a lesson from it. Just be confident in who you are and what you can do, but be humble enough to not let your ego ruin you, because it will.

5. Have Fun… But Take It Seriously

You have seen this many times before, “Have Fun,” but I am saying to make sure you take it seriously as well. Research as much as you can about how to be professional in all aspects of the music industry. Have fun with playing your music, but treat yourself or your band as a brand or a company and take the business part seriously. If you don’t take yourself seriously then no one else will. Learn the proper etiquette of the music business, for example if you want to pitch a song to someone, make sure you know the professional way to do so or else your music will just end up in the trash like most of the others. I have learned so much by taking music business classes, and I know that book knowledge and actual experience knowledge are different, but it will set you up with a great amount of knowledge.

As I said before, we are starting off as a fresh band, and we will not always get it right, heck this post might not be 100% right, but it is ok because the blog is already posted and we will learn from our mistakes.

This list will basically be the rules we base ourselves off of, and we will tell you how it goes for us in the future, and you can try it out to.

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If you have any more tips or have anything to say at all, make sure to comment!


–  Kaleb


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