Cage’s Not-So-Fairy Tales: The (Presumably) Haunted Hallway

11 days until Halloween, so we believe it’s fitting for a scary (to us at the time) story about us when we were 11 years old. So please enjoy!


(We are not liable for any mess made in underwear, or, if bad enough, pants, socks, and shoes, nor are we liable for any death due to the scariness of the story).

Back in the day when the Cage Brothers were 11 they attended a church which had rumors, probably started by the Cage Bros themselves, that the back hallway leading to the basement, and the basement itself, were both haunted.

Throughout the time spent attending on Sundays or Wednesdays before or after church service, when there were not many people around, the Cage Bros would typically dare one another to run to the other end of the hallway while the lights were off. The Cage Bros would gaze down the long hallway which disappeared into a pitch black abyss with only the “EXIT” sign glowing a dim red color which marked the end. The Cage Bros would only go to where the light touches the darkness and then turn and run away until they saw people again.


(Dramatization: not actual photo of hallway which was longer, darker, and scarier.)

Every summer the church would have a week-long yard sale to raise money. There was a lot of merchandise from people that filled up the front of the church, but did not make it down the Hallway of Death. One afternoon when it was almost closing time for the yard sale, only 5 adults remained up front talking about business, or politics, or whatever it was adults talked about, which the Cage Bros had no time for because they had another plan: to go to the end of the Hallway of Whispering Ghosts. They went bravely to their impending doom, in fact Jack had such a burst of bravery he began walking with his arms high to his chest and his legs bowed out (just like John Lennon in the photo below) and said in a courageous tone, “I’m gonna go see tha ghosts!”


(Representation of Jack and Kaleb venturing towards the Hallway of Demons Who Feast On the Children Who Dare Step Foot Near)

Their bravery was no match for the sight of the abyss they were about to step into. Their courageousness stayed behind telling them to go ahead without them. Their curiosity was two steps ahead of them beckoning to step forward, or maybe it was the ghosts. Kaleb went ahead with a plan to turn on the light switches along the way (cheating), but the first one was pretty far into the darkness. The Cage Bros slowly made their way to their darkness, and took their first step in… still alive. They continued to the first light switch and as soon as Kaleb barely touched the switch, and before he could turn it on, BAM! A loud banging sound came from the end of the hallway.

Both Jack and Kaleb looked at each other and did not hesitate for a second to turn around and book it as fast as they could… with Kaleb basically leaving Jack behind (great friend huh). As the Cage Bros made it back up front, all 5 of the adults were still talking about boring adult stuff. The lesson was learned: don’t go testing the dark depths of the Hallway of Ghost That Will Have Temper-tantrums and Slam Doors  If You Try To Turn On the Lights.

Thanks for reading our first Not-So-Fairy Tale. There will be a lot more in the future, and sorry if this one gave any heart-attacks, take a salt tablet if so.

Happy Halloween!

–  The Brothers Caged

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“Hallway” Picture – P.T.


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