Kaleb Cage’s Top 5 Favorite Gorillaz Songs

Since I was a little kid The Gorillaz are one of my favorite bands.

(I believe they are still growing on Jack)

I remember when I first seen them on MTV. My brother (who seems to introduce me to all of my favorite artists) called me into the living room when their music video for “Feel Good Inc.” was playing, and 9-year-old me went nuts for it (probably since it was a cartoon and I loved anything cartoon).

About 11 years later and I am still heavily influenced by them, and I am excited that the creative minds behind The Gorillaz are releasing something pretty soon!

So to celebrate the return of The Gorillaz, I am going to share with you my top 5 favorite Gorillaz songs which is hard because techinically they are all my favorite. They may not be the best, but they are my personal favorite.

5. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead


Appears on: Demon Days (#8)

Simply put, this song uses dynamics very nicely. The verses are pretty mellow with 2D (Damon Albarn) providing some soft vocals. Whenever the instrumental chorus hits every time it brings up the intensity. The structure is nice as well, the verse and chorus repeats a few times giving a soft/ heavy dynamic switch and then the song goes into an awesome instrumental all the way until the end while still giving great dynamics and turns up the intensity a bit with guitars, synth sounds, and even a nice little Ike Turner piano solo in the middle. Songs like this are what inspire our dynamics and song writing.


4. Amarillo



Appears on: The Fall (#10)

This song comes from my second favorite Gorillaz album, The Fall. The Fall is a pretty neat album that was made on an iPad all by Damon Albarn while on The Plastic Beach Tour, but I will make another blog where I give a personal rating on each of the Gorillaz album, for now I would like to talk about my favorite song on the album. Amarillo, like almost all of the other songs on The Fall, is very magical. The song is very relaxing and has a nice laid back electronic beat. There is not much in terms of dynamics or structure like other songs because this one is basically straightforward with only change in the lyrics and little change in the singing at the end. After hearing Damon’s solo album Everyday Robots, you can really see how this song, much like the other songs on the album, are more of a Damon Albarn solo album feel mixed with the Gorillaz feel.

3. All Alone


Appears on: Demon Days (#10)

All Alone is one the songs that made me fall in love with The Gorillaz after getting my first album of theirs, Demon Days. Once again about dynamics, this song has em, and it makes the song awesome. The song starts off with 2D (Damon) repeating “all alone” over a couple of synths, stops, then comes again with an awesome drum beat, stops again, and then Roots Manuva comes in rapping and feels like he is controlling the song just with his singing. The beat stays the same but when he sings fast the song feels faster, and for a moment he slows and speeds up again. He makes the song a fun ride. Then after all of the craziness the song slows down, the beat stops, and then violins play with synth effects over top and then Martina Topley-Bird gives a beautiful vocal performance, and while she is holding out a note, the beat picks up again and finishes. It just has an awesome structure and sound altogether.


2. We Are Happy Landfill


Appears on: D-Sides (#4)

This song always gets me pumped up. It starts off with some wind instruments playing separate notes at separate times, then they start playing together, and after that the song kicks off. The drums come in for a bit and then the heavy distorted guitar and bass comes in making an awesome trip-hop/electropop/punk rock sound with 2D’s (Damon’s) voice sounding raspy but awesome. The lyrics themselves are pretty nice, and my interpretation is that it is some sort of satirical take on trash and pollution.


1. Kids With Guns


Appears on: Demon Days (#3)

Being on the top of my list, Kids With Guns is obviously my favorite Gorillaz song. This was a hard choice because there are many great songs on Demon Days. Kids With Guns is what I believe the definition of a Gorillaz song is (same goes for We Are Happy Landfill). The song starts off with a nice drum beat, and a thick bass, 2D’s (Damon’s) relaxed singing, and synth effects, which all of that is what makes a perfect Gorillaz song. That’s not all though because the song starts to build up, stop, start with a mellow beat different from before, and then all at once BAM the songs goes into an awesome jam that always gives me the chills when hearing it. The lyrics are also some that brings up an important message. This song is a great song to use when introducing The Gorillaz to someone.


Thanks everyone for reading! Once again I am not saying these are the best Gorillaz songs because let’s face it, there cannot really be a best when everyone has their own opinions, which is awesome. These are just my personal favorites and I acknowledge that some people, even Gorillaz fans, will disagree on some of these choices.

Tell me what your favorite Gorillaz songs are in the comments section!


–  Kaleb Cage



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