Another weekly update of The Brothers Caged since launch.

We are still in the process of the long uphill grind.

Two weeks means a lot to us. The time frame is one our inside jokes, but also marks when Jack moved away, and we always wonder what life would have been like if we weren’t so far apart. Maybe we would have music out already years ago! The day that Jack moved up, we were 11, and we were saying our goodbyes, and us kids planned to meet up in two weeks after he moved so as I was getting in my car to leave his house we kept yelling back to each other, “TWOOO WEEKS!!!” Little did we know that it would actually be 4 months that we would see each other for a day, and after that we would only see each other once or twice a year for a few days to TWOOO WEEKS!!

First off, to all of you who support us, thanks for your likes, and follows! We try to post a daily blog, but with a lot going on it has been difficult. We are getting more views and likes on our blogs from many people, including many that are out of the United States, so I am glad it is reaching more people. Our blog posting will continue and will stay on a tighter schedule with posts from both Jack and I. As a summary, we are still growing slowly, but it is what we expected, and as far as our music, we are going to release our single here in the next week.

Our single will be a straight-forward alternative rock song with some hard rock thrown in for dynamics, and a small amount of progressive elements. The lyrics for the song will contain inside jokes and memories from this year when we visited each other back in September, and we have confidence that it will truly be an enjoyable song. We are in the process of working on our other material for an album we plan on releasing in 2017. Both of us have our own ideas for songs gathered over time to bring to the other member to work on, and we already have a theme in mind for the album. Once again it is difficult living in two separate states, but we making a schedule to plan meeting times and figuring out how to meet more often, so in the meantime enjoy our other content like our blogs!

The blogs will soon be updated more frequently containing more DIY information for musicians and artists like our blog about the 5 Things You Will Need For A Basic DIY Recording Studio. So far we have two advice pieces for discouragement and how to get out of creative drought. We will start uploading more blogs about our gear reviews, technology reviews, and more personal blogs discussing about our personal interests outside of music. Also we are getting our YouTube ready for uploading content like our blogs, but videos including our Cage Broments like the one below.

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So far it has been fun, and thank you to everyone who has followed us!

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The next update will be in one month.

– The Brothers Caged


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