How To Get Out Of Creative Drought

We have all been there, creative drought. Sometimes we just cannot figure out what to do with our writing, song, or whatever you put your creativity in. The funny thing is, even the most creative people get stuck in a creative rut.

Take John Lennon for example, one of the greatest songwriters. Once he was trying so hard to write a new song, but he could not think of anything. He finally pulled inspiration from the fact he could not think of anything and wrote one of the best Beatles songs, Nowhere Man. (BeatlesBible)

“I’d spent five hours that morning trying to write a song that was meaningful and good and I finally gave up and lay down. Then Nowhere Man came, words and music, the whole *bleep* thing, as I lay down.”

– John Lennon (All We Are Saying, David Sheff)


I don’t know how many times I have strained myself trying to create an idea for a song (even these blogs strain my brain). Sometimes I would sit in my room and just lose all of my confidence when I could not think of anything creative. I remember how I would get frustrated in my room and look around to see if anything would get that hamster on a wheel in my head running again. After hours of hurting my brain I would just walk away. When I came back to write I had tons of creative ideas. That is when I realized the secret to finding inspiration while in a creative drought:


It’s crazy where inspiration can come from. A person can really strain their self if they try too hard to be creative all of the time non-stop. It seems like the best inspiration hits you when you are not searching for it. I asked Jack about where he got his inspiration from and he said, “Honestly it comes when it’s least expected. When I’m not trying too hard to come up something cool. Sometimes when I haven’t been playing too much, I’ll pick up the guitar and right then something good will come out.”

Think of our brain working like some sort of container with pipes on two different sides that have valves: one flows in and one flows out. If we turn on the valve flowing in, we get inspiration and creativity filling our container (brain) and eventually it gets full, and that’s when we turn off that valve and turn on our valve to let out creativity flow out into our songs, writing, or whatever it is that you do. Sometimes I feel like we forget to turn off the flowing out valve to the point where our containers are empty and we are trying to milk whatever creative juice we have left. There needs to be a healthy amount of inspiration and creativity flowing in and out of us that way we don’t strain ourselves too much. Take a break from being creative and experience other’s creativity.

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Read a book, watch a movie, play a game, go to someone’s show and support them as they pour out their creativity, even lay down and sleep ,or maybe just go for a walk and be inspired by the ultimate creation. I know it can be hard to take a break because time always seems to be slipping away and you want to get done with everything you can. Trust me it will take a lot longer to continuously push creativity rather than take a break from time to time.

Here is a YouTube playlist of artists who inspire us while we are taking a break from writing music.

Thanks to everyone for reading, comment if you have any advice, and also if you got more time check out our other blogs including our one on discouragement.

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– Kaleb Cage


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