Congrats Bob Dylan! / My Mini Story About Discovering Mr. Zimmerman

Well today Bob Dylan won Noble Literature Prize!

This makes me happy because he is my favorite artist and has been the biggest influence on me in terms of writing and music. (I believe he is growin’ on Jack too)

Here is a little tale about how I discovered Bob Dylan.

One year for Christmas I got a Target gift card, my brother and I went to the music section and I was wanting something new (yet old) to listen to. My brother recommended getting something by Bob Dylan, which is someone I have heard of before, but young, dumb 15 year old me kept thinking he was some political guy, but I was not far off. I did not know where to start so I got a greatest hits album called Dylan, and it was on constant repeat. I quickly started my Bob Dylan collection with my first album being Desire on vinyl, yet I grew my collection more on iTunes. I love every bit of Bob Dylan because he experimented with many genres and was not afraid to step on people’s toes, including his fans.

Perhaps my favorite albums were the ones in the folk rock through the country phase. Basically from “Bringing It All Back Home” to “Self Portrait.” I even enjoy his newer albums which are very different but that is what I expect, and I respect him as he keeps going even at his age. Although Bob Dylan was way different before my time, I am happy to say I can enjoy every era of his and still be able to see him today!

–  Kaleb


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