Vox AC15C1 Review

As a guitarist, I want the tone that is right for my playing and my style, after using a few different cheaper amps for 10 years, I have finally found the one that is perfect for me.

For the longest time I had decent amps. I mean they were presents and I never really knew what to ask for, but now looking on reviews on the past amps I didn’t know they were THAT bad, but it is all opinionated to an extent. A small First Act (never get one) was my starter, then a Marshall DFX30 (eh), and then a Line6 Spider Jam (good for practice).

Eventually I grabbed my guitar and pedals, and went to my favorite music store Sam Ash. There I played through different amps: Oranges, Fenders, and Marshalls, but the Vox AC15C1 was the one that kept pulling me in. It sounded great with my pedals and it had a great tone all by itself that I knew I could use.

Here is a little run down of what the amp has:

Cabinet: 1×12 (Celestion G12M Greenback)

Watts: 15w

Tubes: 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 EL84s power tubes

Channels: 2 (Normal and Top Boost)

Extra Features: Reverb, Tremolo (foot-switch extra)

The first thing I noticed about the amp was its weight being I believe 48.5lbs. After carrying it to my room I read the manual up and down and around to make sure that I was doing everything right since it was my new baby. After turning it on I let it sit for about 2 minutes (manual’s recommendation) and then I hit the standby. I tried out the Normal channel which only has one Volume knob, and after that I plugged it into the Top Boost channel which gives more control of the interactive Treble and Bass knobs. The master section has a Volume and Tone Cut as well to shape your tone some more.

The amp is perfect for me, it works well with my Dirty Little Secret and other pedals. I was always wanted Reverb and Tremolo pedals, but the amp has those effects built in and they sound good enough for me. Now I just need to buy the extra foot-switch specifically designed for the amp to control those effects. If you are looking for an amp that’ll give you the tones of great UK guitarists from the 60’s, this amp is for you. The Vox AC15C1 will surely make appearances on future songs.

Thanks for reading!

– Kaleb

Check out the other blog about my full gear run down!


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