The Brothers Caged: One Week In

After opening our website, and social media pages a week ago, here is a little update

It is pretty difficult to be a DIY band, because unless you pay other people to do things for you, it’s all you and your band mates. So far we are really only focusing on getting our single together, setting up our websites and social medias, and building up a modest fan base.  We are currently setting up a time to meet together so we can both get comfortable on a social media posting schedule to make sure are consistent.  So far it has only been me (Kaleb) posting blogs since I have had some experience with WordPress for a class assignment, but soon Jack will be posting his gear run down and more about him. So here is a little information about our progress so far.

After one week, we have 26 likes on our Facebook page, 3 email list sign ups (form below), 3 blog followers, 2 Twitter followers, and 1 YouTube subscriber. We also have 2 followers on our Soundcloud, but those seem to be fake profiles. First off thank you everyone who has shown us support so far, as DIY artists we expect a slow build to our fan base, and we celebrate every email, liker, follower, and subscriber we get. I believe what we have right now is awesome for not having any songs or content out besides our blogs. We will soon get together to find a way to post regularly to have more content for you guys to read, or listen to.

I know so far it’s only promises on what we will deliver, but it is a hard time for us to get together to make things happen, but we are doing what we can.

So please show your support by following/liking/subscribing to any our social medias, or our blog.

Also please sign up for our email list (trust us we won’t sell your name/email) to stay updated with new content! (The form is below)

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far!

– The Brothers Caged


Do not forget to check out some of our other blogs including our one about our new single Summer’s Gone.


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