What if I’m not good enough? What if I will never “make it”? Why did I even choose this as my dream career?

As DIY musicians ourselves, we do not have all the answers, but that is why we, The Brothers Caged are making a blog about being a DIY musician WHILE we are in the process ourselves to become established so we can learn along the way with you.

Everyone gets discouraged about something in their life. Even big artists had to deal with many discouragements before they made it, and at times I am sure they STILL face discouragement. I know it is VERY discouraging to be a DIY musician. Especially when you make music that you believe is great, but you post it and nobody really catches on, and if you do try to send it to a record label, you get told no or simply do not ever hear back from them. Sometimes I get discouraged in the middle of writing, recording, and mixing songs because either I cannot get the sound I want or I just think to myself, “What’s the point?” Well to me the point is to at least try as hard as you can while having fun.

Expect to hear a lot of negativity towards you and your music, and expect to hear a lot of nos. Even people in the Music Industry will discourage you. I do not know how many times I have been told that my Music Business degree will lead me nowhere in life, and I will end up with a terrible job. I should just give up while I am young. They may be right, but they may be wrong too, who says that they are in control of my life? Who says that they can predict my future? I have not even started my career, but once I do start I will keep going either until I prove them wrong, or prove them right, but the point is that I will not have any regrets because at least I tried my hardest, and I know I will find something I am successful at along the way.

Do not be afraid to start or finish something because you are afraid of what people will say about you and what you do. You will never please everyone, but there will be people out there who love what you do. If you think your stuff is not good enough, just do it anyways, you have to start somewhere.

Just stay ahead of the crowds, research what the next big thing will be, plan, try the new thing, fail, try another new thing, fail, take a break, think, and then try again until you succeed at something. I know it will be very hard, and I am not promising you that you will be the most successful artist, but if you keep trying new things you will eventually succeed at something.

You may ask what do I know and who am I to give this kind of information.

And you’re right, who am I and what do I know?

I am a DIY musician in a new DIY band who knows that I need to be realistic, professional, persistent, humble, to get the right knowledge, and be helpful to others along the way who may be struggling with the same thing I am.

I get discouraged a lot, and I know you do too, because you’re human. If you would like more help along the way, subscribe to our emailing list below to stay updated.

I look forward to helping you grow as we grow in this new music industry.


Kaleb Cage


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