About the debut single in progress -Summer’s Gone

Oh the first of October, the leaves are turning yellow, bugs are going away, it’s getting colder, and Halloween decorations are finally coming out after Christmas decorations have already been out for a couple of months.

The Brothers Caged love Fall, for Jack it’s to watch the Steelers and Vikings (his colors), and for Kaleb it’s pumpkin spice everything. As we live in different states, it is hard to get together to write and record. Last time we got together it was the beginning of September and we spent 3 days recording Summer’s Gone. For those three days we were in a horse barn in his back yard that has become a storage area, a home for his dogs, and his studio.

Currently we are still in the process of recording minor parts, mixing, and shaping it up down in Kaleb’s home studio.

The song itself will show who we are, with lyrics consisting of memories and inside jokes, and the music having soft and heavy dynamics. As a DIY band we are currently doing all of the instruments and mixing it ourselves. The instruments are just the basic guitar, bass, and drums (Kontakt MIDI) with little overdubbing. A lot of the parts for the bass and drums were written the first of the 3 days, as well as the arrangement. The idea of the verse and chorus guitar parts were brought up by Jack and stayed as an idea for a couple of months before we were able to get with each other.

We are excited for our debut single as much as we are excited for Fall.

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Kaleb Cage


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