Kaleb Cage’s Instruments, Amps, Pedals, and the Equipment Inbetween

There are several big factors when it comes to shaping the sound you want to have. I know as a fan of many guitarists I always try to find out what they play because they come up with some great guitar tones. I would like to tell about equipment I use for playing from guitars to basses, guitar pedals to amps, and the equipment in between.

The Instruments

The guitars I use to record and play live are pretty good sounding ones. They are not the best by any means but they get the job done. I use two Epiphone Les Pauls: one Standard and one Custom (from Jack, thanks bud!), and both guitars have served me very well over the years giving great rock tones. As for my acoustic guitar I use the Vintage Sunburst Ephiphone AJ 220, which gives me a great acoustic tone with a nice satin finish neck foor comfortable playing. For my bass guitar I use a Stagg BC300FL-NS which is a fret-less bass. The bass serves its purpose but eventually I plan on upgrading. For my singing I use a Shure SM58 dynamic microphone which is the industry standard and great for recording vocals. To mic my amp I just use the SM58 but I recommend getting a condenser microphone.

The Amp and Guitar Pedals

            A few months back I finally saved up enough money to purchase an awesome amp called the Vox AC15C1 which provides great clean tone when needed, but when the channel volume is cranked then it can give some great drive sounds.maxresdefault I always use great sounding guitar pedals as well to give me the tone I need. This is the list of guitar pedals in order from guitar to amp: Fuzz Face for fuzz, Cry Baby for my Wah, Dirty Little Secret for overdrive, and a GE-7 for my EQ, but I typically use it as a top booster.  This rig allows me to play heavy guitar or clean guitar used in many different genres.

The Dirty Little Secret is my “always on” pedal as it always give me amazing tone, and whenever I want there to be little drive all I do is roll back my guitar’s volume. Check out in the video below just how awesome this pedal is!

The Equipment In Between

I have a lot of equipment I use for my instruments. For cables I like to use the highest quality and longest lasting which is why I am striving to get Mogami cables for both my guitar cables and XLR cables. Currently I own Monster cables which are also very awesome cables and super heavy duty. For guitar strings I enjoy using D’addario NYXL 10’s which they last super long and have amazing sound. mig_0013-copyFor the Bass guitar I like to use D’addario Chrome Flatwound since it is a fret-less bass so I can have a nice warm smooth tone. Another nice thing to have around that I especially enjoy having is a tuner. I personally use the SNARK SN-2 tuner because it is a clip-on tuner meaning it clips on to the head stock of a guitar or bass and tunes based off of the vibrations of the strings when you pluck them, and it won’t pick up any interference noise.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post about the music equipment I use. We will later post a blog about Jack’s setup.

-Kaleb Cage


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